Scale your app and grow your team with the Ember Experts

We are a group of web engineers, highly specialized in Ember.js, dedicated to guide companies in building simple, clear and usable products that scale.

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Providing services that will accelerate your growth

We help you bring your projects to life, scale them and grow your team, while you'll keep on delivering value to your customers.

Complete app audit

Make sure your app always runs at a top of its capabilities. We identify all the pain points, issues, performance degradation, security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, architecture flaws, and prepare a prioritized fix plan.

Platform development

Let us develop the core features of your platform to make sure they will scale with you, enforce architecture patterns, optimize development performance, and level up your team.

On-demand consultation

Schedule a call and do a pair programming with us to solve your issues faster, develop solutions and verify your ideas. We are ready to help whenever you need us.

Tailored solutions

Consulting, mentoring, coaching, and training. We prepare a custom offer for your company to make sure our services will bring the most to your project and your team.

Fast-moving team of brilliant individuals

We are a network of developers from around the world, who have been working on large-scale Ember.js projects since 2014, helping businesses succeed with Ember.

  • Maciej Kwaśniak
    Maciej Kwaśniak

    Software Architect and brave Team Leader from Poland, with a strong interest in performance, quality, and scalability.

  • Sabin Hertanu
    Sabin Hertanu

    Senior Frontend Engineer living his dream in Spain, with a strong 'Get Things Done' mentality. Always looking to teach and mentor others.

  • Michael Villander
    Michael Villander

    Senior Software Engineer based in Brazil, helping develop and maintain several open-source initiatives.


We develop and maintain the most popular job board in the community. Hire Ember.js developers and get direct access to the best talent.

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The silent force behind open source projects

There is a big chance your business is already depending on our software. We create, maintain, and contribute to many of the most popular Ember.js open source projects.

Ember Engines

Composable Ember applications for ambitious user experiences.

Ember Can

Simple, yet powerful authorization addon for Ember.js apps.

Ember CLI Favicon

Automatically build and include all the platform favicon formats, from a single source file.

Ember Apollo Client

Battle-tested addon for Apollo client and Graphql, that solves real-world problems.

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